Diversity & Inclusion @ Welser Profile

Together with our employees, we are continuously working on the further development of our corporate culture. This year we are focusing on “Diversity & Inclusion”. To kick things off, we organised an event with a particularly exciting lecture on the topic of “Women in Technology”.

Diversity & equal opportunities

We are convinced that enthusiastic people contribute significantly to our company’s success, especially in times of digitalisation, globalisation, rapidly changing framework conditions and planning uncertainty. That’s why our “Enthusiastic People Shape Opportunities for Generations” mission was launched a few years ago, which guides our cooperation and our decisions.

We are continually working to develop our corporate culture and lead the organisation into a successful future. This also includes creating an environment where everyone feels valued, is included and in this way can develop their own potential in the best possible way, regardless of how they identify.


This year, we’re focusing on “Diversity & Inclusion”, since a diverse and inclusive corporate culture means that we can generate a variety of perspectives and ideas, so that everyone can contribute and we can make better decisions together. On top of this, we also take on social responsibility, as focusing on this area can reduce discrimination and prejudice in society.


To garner sustainable results, a change in our attitude and mindset is needed. As a kick-off event and to raise awareness, we organised an evening with executives together with the management board in March, where the inspiring keynote by Gertrude Schatzdorfer-Wölfel on “Women in Technology” was particularly memorable.


This “diversifocus” should lead us into a successful future!