Think globally, act regionally

We've set ourselves major goals as a company: We want to be globally and sustainably successful and secure jobs for ourselves and our descendants. That's why it's even more important to focus on where we come from and assume social responsibility.

In 1998, for example, we founded the Sports and Culture Community (SKG) as a non-political, non-profit association specifically for employees, former employees who've retired and their families. We also offer our employees numerous voluntary social benefits.

Helping where help is needed

Of course, our commitment to culture and social issues goes far beyond the social benefits for employees, because many organizations rely on donations to provide adequate help on a permanent basis. For example, since 2007 we've dispensed with larger Christmas gifts for our business partners and instead invest in regional projects.

Even during the year, we have an amount available to support a wide range of organizations: For example, we support countless cultural and sporting events, regional clubs, charitable institutions and blue-light organizations, or get involved in education in the form of school cooperations, educational initiatives or early technology requirements.