Possibilities in the roll forming process

Holes, bores with/without threads, embossing or even nuts can be automatically and precisely inserted into the steel strip.

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Steel profiles for warehouse or racking systems

High-precision, load-bearing and functional

We deliver reliably

With proven just-in-sequence concepts, precision logistics and exact planning, we support the smooth running of your construction project throughout all project phases. You always receive the right quantity of customized steel profiles for automated warehouse or racking systems at the right time and in the right place. And we always keep an eye on the entire supply chain thanks to our holistic procurement concepts. In this way, we achieve attractive price advantages for our customers in steelworks and guarantee reliable delivery even in times of tight capacity.


We work professionally

Our metal sections have stood for the highest quality for decades. We rely on modern production and delivery systems, high-precision profile markings and well thought out packaging solutions to guarantee the wide variety of items in our customized steel profiles for automated warehouse systems. Our expertise covers a wide range of feedstock hole patterns and measurements of any length. From the selection of the feedstock material to the final quality control, we set new standards in the production of your desired profile.

We operate globally

Customers in all the world's major economic centers rely on personal collaboration with our experts for automated warehouse or racking systems. 

Thanks to our world wide sales offices, there is always an experienced point of contact close by. You benefit from fast response times and customized solutions for every requirement.


We develop solutions

Based on bespoke roll-formed profiles, we develop holistic solutions for your racking systems - from automated small parts warehouses, shuttle warehouses and warehouses with automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS) to high-bay warehouses as silo designs:

  • Stand or support profiles
  • Diagonal connectors
  • Cross beams, channel or shuttle rails
  • Shelf trays
  • Depth supports
  • Horizontal or vertical guide rails
  • Large-dimension Omega uprights

We are flexible

  • Strip thicknesses from 0.3 to 8.2 mm
  • Strip widths up to 1000 mm
  • Profile lengths up to 27,000 mm
  • Profile heights up to 320 mm
  • Various steel grades (high-tensile, stainless, 
hot-dip coated) 
  • Non-ferrous metal: (aluminum, copper, titanium, nickel, etc.)

We embody values

As a family business, we think and act in terms of generations. That is why we attach particular importance to stable, lasting and fair relationships. Trust and mutual respect characterize our relationship with our customers, partners and employees. We believe in the power of cooperation. Because only together can we grow beyond ourselves!