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Whistleblower System

Whistleblower System


What can you report, and how do you make a report?

Our Whistleblower System is available to report violations and misconduct. Attentive employees help us to minimize our risks in the company.

Whistleblowers can report information digitally (anonymously, directly and in writing via the whistleblower system), by phone (anonymously, using the interface phone number) and in person (with the competent compliance officer). You are free to choose whether to make a report anonymously or to provide contact details.

Do I need to register to make a report?

No. You do not need to register to make a report. Our Whistleblower System also allows you communicate with the compliance organization after sending a report. 

IMPORTANT: After a report has been sent, the system generates an individual incident code and also makes this available as a link and a QR code. The incident code is your key to the whistleblower case area and lets you communicate further and share additional information (via the “chat” function). 


Swapping ideas, and complaints box?

The aim of the Whistleblower System is not to allow you to ask general questions and/or submit personal complaints (e.g. about the quality of canteen meals etc.). These can be addressed directly to your line managers and/or the compliance organization.



How will I as a whistleblower be protected?

The EU Directive on the protection of persons who report breaches of Union law (“Whistleblower Directive”) grants whistleblowers protection against disadvantages that they might suffer as a result of making a report in the company. 

Important: Protection only relates to justified reports. If you knowingly make false reports and/or denounce a colleague, this is not a compliance violation and might even have legal consequences under certain circumstances.

What happens with data and the personal data in my report?

Personal data are processed in line with the legal requirements. In this context, we refer to the already available Data Protection Notice (see 6. Whistleblower System). Once the investigation has finished, the data will be archived for a set duration (set by the organization). The Whistleblower System ensures that the data are deleted after the deadline for erasure.

What happens with my report?

Every report will be checked and subjected to an initial evaluation. If the report is relevant to compliance, a corresponding investigation is launched.