Interior construction profiles

Perfect surfaces with the closest of tolerances

Interior design is all about creativity, function and design. Our profiles for interior fittings e.g. brackets, table legs or handrails shine with their special surface finishes and the closest of tolerances. From individual custom profiles to complete solutions, we are the partner for your ideas.

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Your advantage:

  • Any design wishes can be implemented by finishing the surface of pre-treated strip material in various decors (imitation wood, lacquer, etc.) or special material with a high gloss
  • Chrome-plated surfaces or pre-laminated profiles with our special forming processes
  • High tolerance accuracy of the required perforations and embossing for all attachments thanks to in-line production
  • Extremely easy to assemble thanks to compliance with the required tolerances
  • Integration of functions such as clipping of covers, rubber bumper strips or the inclusion of non-visible cooling elements and sprinklers
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