Roll forming the future of solar

Welser Profile and Origami Solar partner up for the future of solar energy.

Success Story

Power generation

Sustainable arguments for our metal sections

Optimal material selection, highest corrosion resistance and the tightest of tolerances when it comes to straightness, torsion and camber set our profiles for power generation and environmental technology apart. 

Our products are environmentally optimized over their entire product life cycle – from raw materials, the use of resources and production technology to transport logistics. 

Together with our industry experience and our competence in roll forming, we are a powerful partner for wastewater or exhaust air treatment, in the solar energy industry and many more.

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Your advantage:

  • Durability and resilience thanks to the selection of optimal primary materials  
  • Weight savings through ingenious shaping
  • Efficiency due to high level of prefabrication – including all perforations, embossing and brackets upon request
  • Further processing and assembly made easy thanks to maximum straightness and minimum torsion
  • Safety through specially manufactured transport containers 
  • Service as a result of worldwide availability and a continuously optimized value chain
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Think green

Solar energy

Durable and weather-resistant

Weight-optimized supporting profiles without expansion joints, large spans despite high loads, low design, production and assembly costs, weather-resistant material or a combination of all of these – we have both the expertise and production facilities to convert your requirements into profile components that are both individual and precise.

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Our custom profiles prove their worth in photovoltaics as well as in solar thermal energy or solar thermal power plants, whether as support or frame profiles posts, rafters, module carriers and much more.