Building on the future

Our USP is the development and production of customized costume profiles made of steel and non-ferrous metals. We purchase steel strips, which are formed to the desired cross-section using the roll-forming process. This process takes place at normal room temperature without additional energy input. In addition, roll forming yields a very high material utilization rate. Due to these factors and the excellent recyclability of steel, the life cycle assessment of roll forming is remarkably positive.

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Looking at the entire value chain, the focus is on the following issues:

  • Regional procurement and production ensure flexibility and maximum availability. There are also competitive advantages because of the reduced freight costs and short communication paths.
  • Environmentally friendly transport: In 1986, the Gresten production plant received a narrow-gauge rail connection. Since then, the necessary primary material and the resulting scrap have been delivered and transported mainly by rail, which is generally environmentally friendly.
  • We want to make consistent use of potential savings and push ahead with the energy transition.
  • Carbon neutrality in terms of energy sources: This project is scheduled to be completed at our production sites in Austria by 2024 and in Germany by 2026.
  • Corporate Carbon Footprint: In addition to direct CO2e emissions, emissions that aren't within our direct sphere of influence (Scope 1 – 3) are also taken into account.