Profile für Schaltschränke von Welser

Electrical control cabinets

Design freedom for your cabinet systems

Our custom profiles for electrical control cabinets are very dimensionally accurate and easy to assemble. We carry out roll forming even using high-strength materials and complex cross-sections with visually attractive finishes. Tolerances consistently remain at a minimum even with demanding hole patterns.

Our profiles are used as side rails, sidewall or corner profiles, cross braces, swing frames or door frame reinforcement.

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Your advantage:

  • High strength and resistance compared to aluminum
  • Design freedom thanks to a wide range of further processing options and joining techniques, even for different materials
  • Easy to assemble due to adherence to very close tolerances – even with complex hole patterns
  • Economical due to an ingenious combination of production processes
  • Flexible fixation options such as “T” slots for “T” bolts
  • Efficient use of materials and improved product properties, such as increased rigidity due to thermoformed holes 
  • Approximately one-third lower CO2 equivalent over the entire life cycle due to galvanized steel compared to aluminum
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