Spezialprofile aus Stahl und Nichteisenmetallen für Haustechnik und Industrietechnik

Elevator & escalator profiles

Reliable and a perfect fit

Our steel profiles in elevators and escalators are very impressive in terms of their functionality and safety. They can be found in the doors, the cab interior and exterior, in the shaft and around the counterweight. Custom profiles made by Welser include, for example, guide rails, side beams or door panels, sill sections and hand rails.

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perfect fit

Your advantage:

  • Application reliability thanks to consistently tested quality
  • Design possibilities through selection of primary material with various surface and size ranges
  • Smooth and low-noise transport due to the high tolerance accuracy of the running surfaces
  • Easy to assemble thanks to the precise fit of the joints between individual profiles (thanks to simulation and prototyping)
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