Welser profiles ensure a firm hold

There are no limits to the depth of production at Welser Profile. For optimal further processing, we integrate – depending on the customer’s request – threads, press or punch nuts into your profile solution to create precisely the functional advantages required for your product application.

Thread in the sheet:

A thread is cut or shaped in a normal core or collar hole.

  • Advantage: Simplest method of integrating low numbers of threads
  • Disadvantage: Pre-drilling or pulling collar and additional work required, not standardized, no value guarantee, large quantities not recommended

Press nuts:

Press nuts are special elements with an integrated thread.

  • Advantage: High variation in dimensions, many different shapes, such as rivet, blind rivet, press and weld nuts
  • Disadvantage: Pre-punching and additional work required, only average to low quantities are economical.

Punch nuts:

Punch nuts can be placed anywhere along the profile depending on the roll forming process thereafter.

  • Advantage: No preparation needed in the strip or profile, normal production time, can be combined with modular tools, standardized values
  • Disadvantage: None
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