Awning & sun shading profiles

Corrosion resistant and available at short notice

In order to provide efficient sun shading, we offer you customized custom profiles (such as rewinding shafts, outlet tubes or grooved tubes) in a wide range of material grades and thicknesses. They meet the highest demands with respect to dimensional accuracy and corrosion resistance. Due to an increasing number of inquiries and the need to have the items available at short notice, we decided to offer standard solutions in addition to the customized solutions.

Our product range for dealers and manufacturers offers:

  • A defined high-quality steel grade
  • An optimized zinc-magnesium surface
  • Certified material suppliers
  • Selected profile cross-sections in top quality with extremely tight tolerances
  • Defined lengths
  • Standardized packaging ideal for stacking, transportation and storage
  • Predefined ordering processes and delivery periods including tracking (from the primary material to the end product)
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Your advantage:

  • High modularity by implementing demanding hole patterns
  • Easy further processing and use due to minimal distortion and high repeat accuracy
  • Advantages of using zinc-magnesium-coated thin sheets include
    • excellent corrosion protection – especially in salty environments
    • Various options for product design and choice of product properties without limiting the corrosion resistance
    • Material savings compared to aluminum with the same corrosion protection effect
    • Able to “heal itself” from cut edges and scratches
    • Reduced need for cleaning the tools by doing away with emulsion during the manufacturing process
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Our profiles for sun shading

Standard program

The cornerstone when talking about awnings is that they are available at short notice; therefore, we offer a standard portfolio of 14 different profiles which meet the needs of both dealers and manufacturers. These standard profiles are entirely refined with a zinc-magnesium layer, hence offering an innovative surface.

Lengths currently available: 5,000 mm, 6,000 mm and 7,000 mm.