What is roll forming?

Welser roll forming is the most cost-efficient way of producing high volumes of consistently accurate metal profiles and tubes

High quality roll formed metal profiles and tubes for all areas of life.

Roll forming is a production method for creating bespoke cold rolled profiles, steel sections, rails, tracks, posts, tubes and almost any custom shape you desire. You can either roll form open steel sections (not welded) or hollow steel sections (welded).

In cold roll forming a continuous flat steel strip is gradually formed through a number of roller stands, where each roller stand adds a forming step until the desired cross-section is achieved.

The Process

The process of roll forming involves passing a flat strip of sheet metal (steel, stainless steel or non-ferrous metal) – mostly wound as a coil in different widths – through a sequence of modular pairs of rollers and forming the desired cross-section at room temperature.

Each pair of rollers performs a further step in the shaping until the desired profile shape is achieved.


The advantages of roll forming are tight tolerances, complex cross sections and high repeatability. Further functions such holes and shapes can be stamped or punched into the profile. Also, reinforcement grooves, text or logos can be rolled into the profile. The high production rate of the roll forming process combined with the functionality of customized steel sections and profiles, makes roll forming a very economical production method.

Advantages of the roll forming process include

  • Complex cross-sections and tight tolerances can be consistently created 
  • Stong materials such as Steel can be formed, which is cheaper, more rigid and more resilient than aluminium
  • Long components can be produced with superior straightness and precision
  • High production speeds make it economically beneficial for high volume batches
  • Hole stamping is an integrated part of the process? z.B. so there are no additional machining costs
  • Variety of materials: carbon steel, stainless steel, UHSS (ultra high strength steels), brass ...

Welser Profile in brief:

  • Europe’s leading manufacturer of roll formed steel sections and tubes
  • State-of-the-Art production facilities in Austria, Germany and USA 
  • Over 90 roll forming production lines
  • Strip thickness range from 0.3 – 8.2 mm and strip widths up to 1,000 mm
  • Experience from developing and producing over 23,500 individual cross section designs 
  • More than 350 years old, family owned company, still led by the Welser family(CEO Thomas Welser)

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