Roll forming

Roll forming – the efficient way to make steel profiles & tubes


High quality roll formed metal profiles and tubes for all areas of life. 

The Process

The process of roll forming involves passing a flat strip of sheet metal (steel, stainless steel or non-ferrous metal) – mostly wound as a coil in different widths – through a sequence of modular pairs of rollers and forming the desired cross-section at room temperature.

Each pair of rollers performs a further step in the shaping until the desired profile shape is achieved.


The material properties remain practically unchanged by this process. In some cases they are even improved and production is extremely economical, not least because of the ability to integrate punching, welding, and cutting processes.

Another key advantage is the consistent high accuracy of Welser profiles, particularly important for customers using automated production processes.

The roll-forming process in detail

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Optimized roll-forming

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