Joining, welding & connecting profiles

We ensure strong connections

We join together what belongs together – and create functional, lasting solutions from steel, stainless steel, and non-ferrous metals. 

With custom profiles from Welser, you can be sure that the material and connection type are properly matched and capable of withstanding the required loads. 

As a reliable system partner, it is our claim to constantly increase the level of service for our customers and to make further processing as easy for you as possible.

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Added Value

Where the manufacture of welded profile cross-sections – i.e. tubes – is concerned, we have many years of experience. Back in 1980, closed profiles were added to the product range of Welser Profile and their manufacturing process has been continuously optimized ever since.

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We are able to connect different materials to each other by using the most efficient joining technologies.


Laser welding:

  • for a continual weld – with or without filler material
  • to create a multi-layer weld bead. It’s also possible to produce two separate weld beads simultaneously.
  • to produce single and multi-chambered profiles in one integrated process

HF welding:

  • Inductive (contactless)
  • Planing of the weld face, and if required, also the inner weld bead
  • In-line re-galvanising of the weld bead for a completely corrosion protected profile

Shielding gas welding:

  • for stable, permanent connections
  • Robotic welding systems guarantee high reproducibility for excellent quality control
  • Weld tests can be performed for bespoke customer requirements

Spot welding:

  • without the need for any seam preparation and reworking
  • simple to automate

Other joining methods:

  • Riveting
  • Clinching
  • Pressure joining
  • Bonding
  • and many more

Higher load capacities and expanded functionalities can be achieved through the patented method of “pull-through riveting”.