Agricultural Technology

Reliable profile solutions for high dynamic loads

Our profiles fulfill the demand for reducing the weight of components under high dynamic loads – without restricting their stability. This makes them ideally suited to the diverse conditions of use in agricultural technology.

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Your advantage:

  • High consistency of the components and assemblies, e.g. regarding straightness and positioning of the perforations in large bar lengths
  • Weight reduction and excellent resistance to wear through the use of high-strength feedstock materials and load-optimized variation of the wall thickness
  • Outstanding strength, stiffness and dimensional stability thanks to highly advanced manufacturing processes
  • High economic efficiency through continuous production and integrated processing steps such as punching, embossing or bending
  • Prevention of welding distortions thanks to the appropriate shaping of the individual components
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Our custom profiles are used in a wide range of areas in crop management and animal husbandry. They help with preparing the soil (e.g. in agricultural machinery), the harvest (e.g. as mowing bars) and storage (e.g. as silo plug-in profiles) and are also requested for stabling and grazing requirements (e.g. as frame profiles) and in product extraction (e.g. in milking machines). Our profiles are even installed in greenhouses!

You can find more information about our custom profiles in vehicles and driver’s cabs here.