Welser Profile_Leichtbau-Stahlprofile

Lightweight construction

On the way to the mobility of tomorrow with lightweight steel profiles

Weight-optimized and load-adapted – these are the requirements that matter at automobile and plane makers today, and are becoming increasingly important in the field of agricultural equipment.

The optimized cross-sections from Welser Profile made from strong and super-strong steels impress with high strength and stability values and are achieved through process-integrated optimization of strip thickness. This shaping method can also be used to process pre-galvanized strips. 

Optimized roll forming


Weight Optimized

Our advantage:

  • Use of strong and super-strong steels
  • High strength and stability values at low sheet thicknesses
  • Hybrid components for expanding the functions of semi-manufactured products (e.g. for improving sliding properties/for thermal insulation)
  • Lightweight design through process-integrated optimization of strip thickness
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With diverse applications in a wide range of industries, this technology from Welser impresses countless customers. In order to be able to react to market requirements in the future and continue being a successful partner, Welser Profile invests heavily in research and development.