Welser Profile_Digitalisierung_Automatisierung_Industrie 4.0


On track for intelligent solutions with digitization

As a provider of sophisticated products, we believe that digitization offers us enormous potential for increasing efficiency in the production process and thus improving the cost structure. Digitization, which often goes hand-in-hand with automated processes, offers our customers not only innovation and flexibility but also decisive price advantages. 

It enables us to continually implement more efficient and more user-friendly solutions along the entire supply chain. 


Our advantage:

  • Central software tool in tool management
  • Automated systems in various production areas
  • Apps to provide support, e.g. in the tooling process (step-by-step instructions), production control (monitoring) or for the efficient provision of feedstock material
  • Various sensors within the production units, e.g. for quality assurance, preventive maintenance, etc.
  • Robot welding systems for joining components into assemblies
  • Flexible production cell with articulated robot for pallet manipulation and feeding of 5-axis machining centers
  • Collaborative robots, e.g. in labeling
  • Logistics control system incl. fully networked, self-driving stackers which independently carry out the handling process from profile system to loading bay
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