Welser Profile prepares for the future

A new management team will lead the corporate group into the next generation.

A new management team

Managing directors Thomas Welser and Nicolas Longin have successfully represented the Welser Profile Group for several years now and will perform this role for a further five years. Andreas Welser is stepping down and will no longer be involved in operational management. He remains responsible for health and safety and for building administration, and is the first point of contact for regional authorities and stakeholders.



The top end ...

... of the company is strengthened by Julian Hatbauer, Bernd Köberl, and Tim Sauber, who are all longstanding employees and experienced managers with roots in the region. This task for this management team will be to prepare the company for increasingly tough market conditions and successfully lead the Welser Profile Group into the next generation.

“We want to shape an organization that is fit for the future and capable of handling change, an organization that is built on what we already have while being open to new ideas,” explains Thomas Welser.

Welser Profile anticipates having to face many challenges in 2024. Nevertheless, the international family business is sticking to its plans to invest €70 million following a good trading year in 2023. In the USA, new plants will expand the product portfolio; in Germany, plans include a new wind farm, and a company restaurant is currently being built in Gresten. The company is also investing in improved mobility for its employees.

“Over the past year, we once again learned a lot that will make us stronger this year. We will turn the crisis to our advantage,” promises Thomas Welser in closing.