Lower Austria’s largest rooftop PV system

Emerging from the roofs of Welser Profile Austria GmbH.

3.000 kWp PV System

...will be installed on production and warehouse roofs at Welser Profile Austria GmbH in Gresten next year.

The plan is to erect a 3,000 kWp PV system over an area of around 24,000 m² with approx. 8,500 individual modules. We got CLEEN Energy AG on board as a regional partner to implement the large-scale project.

In total, the producer of special profiles expects an annual CO2 reduction of around 1,221 tons. This corresponds to the CO2 binding of an approx. 16.5 hectare beech forest. In total, the plant is to supply around 3.3 GWh of electricity each year, which could cover the consumption of all households in the market town of Gresten, for example.

“More than 80% of the electricity generated is consumed by the company itself, the rest (e.g. on non-production days) is made available to the public electricity service. The bottom line is that, thanks to the project, we will be able to cover around 15% of our total electricity needs using photovoltaics”, says Andreas Welser, Managing Director of Welser Profile Austria GmbH. “Sustainability is part of our corporate strategy. We’re demonstrating our commitment to this strategy through this major project. In addition, the economic profitability is also high and we gain independence”, adds Welser.

The system should still be able to supply “green” electricity in 2021!