World's largest vertical PV system

Welser customized steel profiles are part of a one-of-a-kind vertical photovoltaic system in Germany.

With a total area of 30.8 hectares, the world's largest vertical photovoltaic (PV) system is being constructed at Frankfurt Airport. Due to the vertical construction of the photovoltaic system, less than 1% of the area is covered, preserving green spaces. Preserving the meadow areas protects the biodiversity of the site and has a positive impact on both rainfall distribution and vegetation.

World's largest vertical PV system at Frankfurt Airport. (© Fraport AG)


Following successful testing using a demonstration facility, it was decided to build the large-scale project along the west runway. Since February 2024, module rows have been erected along a length of 2,800 meters, aiming to achieve a capacity of 17.4 MWp upon completion.

Welser’s customized solution

Welser roll formed steel profiles are installed as pile posts, supports, and crossbars within this innovative PV system.

Throughout the entire product life cycle Welser has emphasized environmental optimization - from recyclable raw materials and resource usage to production technology and transportation logistics. This is how we contributed to the decarbonization of the project.

Thanks to Welser’s state of the art roll-forming technology, we are able to sympathetically form steel profiles using the optimum feedstock materials. This protects the feedstock coating, guaranteeing the highest level of corrosion resistance, assisting Next2Sun in constructing a durable, superior PV system for generations to come.

Welser’s consistent, highly accurate roll-forming technology allows us to repeatably produce vast numbers of tightly toleranced components, helping Next2Sun to a faster, more efficient installation phase.