Jansen takes over RP Technik GmbH from the Welser Profile Group

The takeover of RP Technik has the clear objective of enabling both companies to concentrate on their core competencies. At the same time, Welser Profile will take on some of Jansen’s special profile production. This will create a strategic partnership aimed at jointly optimizing the entire value chain.


Strategic partnership 

Jansen AG, headquartered in Oberriet (Switzerland), and Welser Profile GmbH, headquartered in Ybbsitz (Austria), are both family companies with very similar value structures. Their joint aim is to introduce completely new emphases in the supply chain and in the product and system development of steel-glass systems. 

With this new form of collaboration, both family companies will optimize the supply and logistics chain for system customers. As part of this strategy, Jansen, a leading supplier of systems, will, come January, take over RP Technik GmbH, which has been part of the Welser Profile Group of companies since 2000.

Jansen and Welser Profile are leaders in the development and production of special profiles and assemblies, and also want to exploit their strengths in a joint product development process. The two companies and entrepreneurial families are looking forward to their future collaboration. 

About Jansen

Founded in 1923 by Josef Jansen as a crafts business in Oberriet, Switzerland, Jansen has grown into an international high-tech company. It is known as a supplier of construction systems for architectural solutions, as a partner for precision and steel profiles for the automotive and furniture industries, and as a manufacturer of plastic and profile systems.

About RP Technik

Visually outstanding and functionally impressive steel-glass system solutions for windows, doors, partitions, facades, and glass roofs are the competences of RP Technik. The company’s headquarters, with the development, production, and administration facilities of the specialist for architectural steel profile systems worldwide, are located in Bönen, Germany.