Special Welser profiles for rail vehicle construction ...
Rollgeformte und gebogene Profile aus Stahl, Edelstahl, Nichteisenmetallen (Alu, Kupfer, Messing…) in der Transport-Branche

Special Welser profiles for passenger transportation ...

... let you reach your destination safely.




Bombardier Waggonbau
Service Profiltransport

Our special profiles are your travelling companion: No matter whether it is a passenger train, a tram or metro, or whether they are included in the side or front walls, in the ceiling, the floor or in the interior.

Profiles made by Welser are unique for a simple reason: they are produced according to the customer’s needs in functional terms, design, logistics and the additional services offered. Profiles made by Welser may be open closed, curved or straight, punched or unpunched, simply sectioned or individually crushed - in any case they deliver what they promise even in terms of length and in the long run.


longitudinal floor bearers, profiles for the bottom chassis, Profiles for convectors, sidewall profiles, ceiling crossbeams, cantilever connections, stiffening plates, cable ducts, seat rails, cross bars, guide rails, door posts, roof and window bows


Waggonbau Bodenblech


Waggonbau Längsprofil



Waggonbau Sitzschienen


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