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Welsers Sections Make Giant Leaps

The closest you can get to flying

Welsers sections help a trampoline manufacturer make giant leaps!

Trampolines are enjoying an ever-increasing popularity. One of our customers has been the preferred trampoline supplier for athletes and coaches alike for the last fifty years. Decades of experience in this industry allowed this customer to secure a position as a supplier for major trampolining events including World and European Championships and even the Olympics.

High performance and stability is assured with Welsers frame sections and curved feet for trampolines.


Our sections are used for the curved feet and framework structures of indoor trampolines. High stability is guaranteed by the high tensile strength material used to produce these sections. As safety at tournaments is paramount, it is essential that the equipment provides safety and stability as well as a high performance. The customer uses state-of-the-art welding processes, ultra high strength steel and bends the framework and curved feet in-house. All of the bending tests carried out on our sections were successful.


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