Steel profiles as safety critical automotive components
Profile aus Stahl, Edelstahl, Nichteisenmetallen (Alu, Kupfer, Messing…) mit Bestnoten im Crashtest für die Automobilindustrie

Profiles as Safety Critical Automotive Components

Seat rails made from high strength materials with lower weight

Tiny bend radii, even with extremely high strength materials; optimum performance and safety even despite reduced weight – with the innovative concepts from Welser Profile, there is no need to compromise.

Seat rails are symbolic of the enormous technical challenges, linked to the highest quality standards, required by the automotive industry.  A world renowned Automotive Manufacturer is well aware that this type of challenge perfectly suits the capabilities of Welser Profile.
The complex seat rails mount within a small, enclosed space, necessitating very tight bend radii. With safety requirements demanding the use of extremely high strength steels, steels with tensile strengths of 1000MPa or more, specialist tooling technology is required to cut and form the rails.

Complex profile tooling
Complex, multi-stage, on-line tooling on a roll forming line of considerable length.


Through the use of our CAD/CAM system, every „evolutionary step“ of the tooling can be developed and further optimised to suit the production of these challenging profiles. Each profile requires unique tooling to ensure a perfect product and the highly complex tooling can take up to two man years to complete, with specialist heat treatment and coating process being significant factors within that timescale.

Previous experience of such challenges allows the new tooling to be optimised far more quickly. High importance is also placed on ensuring the safe and reliable operation of the tooling and it is only this combination of factors that guarantees the final product will meet all the required specifications.


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