Roll formed stainless steel

Stainless steel at its best

It is thanks to our roll forming process that we are able to produce stainless steel sections which can be as complex as those made of common carbon steels when talking about design and shapes.

We want to create the perfect stainless steel profile in cooperation with you and produced to meet your specific requirements. In order to do this, we use stainless steel alloys 316 and 304, but also more exotic materials are processed such as the Incoloy® 825 alloy or various duplex steels.

The steel strip processed may be as thick as 8.2 mm, but also very thin (as little as 0.3 mm) or wide (up to 1000 mm).

Check out the range of sections we can produce: 

By means of the web-editor you may design the most various standard profiles. However, the possibilities of our sections go far beyond standard use. For more complex shapes or designs we will be pleased to assist you!

Contacting us will make a real difference: One of our specialties at Welser Profile is to add enhanced functionalities to our custom profiles and profile systems to make them even more cost effective. 


Enhanced to the max

Our stainless steel sections offer:

  • Consistently tight tolerances and a high level of quality
  • A product portfolio enhanced to the maximum thanks to additional functionalities like stamping, bending and many more.
  • Cost-effective production due to an integration of downstream activities in the roll forming process
  • Possibility of protective coating which you may remove before using the profiles -> surface finish is maintained during production, transport and storage 
  • Natural resilience of stainless steel is reduced to a minimum

Let's develop your package of individual solutions together!