Nouvelle ligne de profilage à l’usine de Gresten
Neuigkeiten zu rollverformten Sonderprofilen und Sonderprofilrohren sowie Baugruppen aus Stahl, Edelstahl und Nichteisen-Metallen (Alu, Kupfer, Messing…)

Tuning of the old cold-rolling unit converts a veteran machine into a “Porsche”

30. september 2016

Still in good shape, but old and overloaded - this was the case with one of our high-performance cold-rolling units at the Welser Profile production site Gresten by the end of last year.Nine months later, after thorough refurbishment, this unit surpasses all expectations with respect to multifunctionality, process reliability and energy efficiency.

Our objective was to produce profiles as long and as heavy as possible with complex shapes. To achieve this, we had to design the unit for a steel stripe bandwidth of 800 mm and extend it by adding 10 roll forming stages. The preliminary stamping unit also needed an overhaul, hence, only the straightening machine and the steel construction of the old unit remained unchanged.

The conversion of the cold-rolling unit posed highest demands on logistics.
The conversion of the cold-rolling unit posed highest demands on logistics.


During the intense stages of planning and production, we not only incorporated our specialist’s experience and expertise of decades, but also the requirements of our customers. At the end of November of last year, we had to let go our old cold-rolling unit. Certain components were disassembled and used for other purposes.

As of now, not only cold forming will set new benchmarks, but also the post production chain has been extended and offers a greater variety of possibilities and yet faster processing. A mobile laser is ready for use and we also created an interface for various processes such as surface treatment, labelling of profiles and various test methods. The cutting unit has been equipped with new drive technology to increase dynamics and, as a consequence, the working speed. Moreover, a metal circular saw can be used for cutting big profile cross sections.

It goes without saying that we focused on energy efficiency in our production: Wherever possible, energy is recovered and stored, and hydraulic components have been equipped with power saving circuits. But also from the safety-related point of view the unit is state-of-the-art and not to talk about improved working conditions for the whole crew. The highlight, however, is the control system we developed together with one of our suppliers, which sets a new standard at Welser Profile, forming the basis for implementation of Industry 4.0.

The refurbished cold-rolling unit in new splendor.
The refurbished cold-rolling unit in new splendor.


Conclusion: Our old cold-rolling unit has been converted into a multifunctional unit for products which, due to a lot of inhouse-developments, is hard to imitate, and it impresses through its high process reliability, and, as a result, shorter setup-times and a minimum of reject rates. But the unit also opens up new ways for an improved service: Planning can take place in a more flexible way and profiles may be loaded directly from the unit to a railway carriage or a truck.

This will benefit international customers such as Bombardier, CAF or Siemens, who rely on profiles made by Welser in both, wagons for passengers or for goods. Both of them are used on a world-wide scale, such as in Canada, Brazil or South Africa, to give just a few examples. So it is not really a surprise that currently the unit is already in use during three shifts.