Roll forming company - Welser Profile

Your specialist and partner

We are the world leading manufacturer of bespoke, cost-efficient, roll formed sections that meet or exceed your specific technical requirements. We are specialists in supporting you to ensure your roll-formed section is the optimum design for you. Welser does not sell any finished products direct to market, we only work to ensure the success of our customers.

Knowhow and design

Welser Profile, because:

  • We specialise in supporting our customers through all the design stages of a new metal section.
  • We are the most technically capable roll-former in the world, and we offer you the chance to move into higher volumes while improving your margins. Our value to you is that we work with you to design the optimum roll-formed section, and then accurately reproduce it year after year.
  • We are flexible: If you are looking for this specific cross-section in different lengths, perhaps lengths up to 27 metres, sometimes with additional features like holes, and sometimes without them, roll-forming will still be perfect. If you are looking for this cross-section curved and/or with differing end details, roll-forming will fit the bill. We can roll form 0.3 mm up to 8.2mm thick steel, and a wide range of steel grades, as well as non-ferrous metals.  
  • Where necessary, our technical capabilities allow us to push the boundaries of what is thought possible, enabling us to integrate several different processing steps into a single roll-forming process, creating a very cost-effective part.