Our new training center is open!

It was a day filled with highlights for our company. The official opening ceremony in the morning was followed by an afternoon at the open training center, where more than 500 people took the opportunity to have a peek behind the scenes.

Many prominent political figures came to admire the new flagship center for apprenticeship training at Welser Profile. Representatives of vocational and nearby polytechnic schools also took the time to pay a visit.

After a delightful welcome by our apprentices Cornelia and Jan as well as by our Head of Apprentice Training, Peter Reiböck, CEO Thomas Welser addressed the guests and current apprentices from eight training faculties. He explained the vision behind the “Training Center” project quite simply: “With our high-quality training center on top of our commitment, we will overcome the great challenge of the shortage of skilled workers in the best possible way. For us, it is an essential contribution to continue to develop the company successfully in coming generations”. And that includes not only the transfer of specialist knowledge but also the communication of values and the Welser corporate culture. A company-wide project on this topic has been running for around a year. So it should have come as no surprise when Thomas Welser asked some of the men and women present at the opening what they thought the Welser values are.

President of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber Dr. Harald Mahrer, spoke about the importance of the pioneering spirit and curiosity as “midwives” for innovation and progress. President of the Economic Chamber of Lower Austria Councilor Sonja Zwazl emphasized the interpersonal factor and stressed the high esteem in which the employees of Welser Profile hold each other. Member of the National Council Andreas Hanger, himself a former Welser employee, praised the social responsibility that the company also assumes for the individual. Mag. Klaudia Tanner, there on behalf of Governor Mikl-Leitner, remarked that the Welser training center was the best example of how to bundle forces and promote strengths.

After all this, the moment finally came to officially open the training center. Pastor Franz Sinhuber blessed the building and Dr. Mahrer dedicated his speech to the importance of apprenticeship in Austria, reiterating his wish that more young people should simply start an apprenticeship.


The subsequent tour of the more than 2,000 m2 premises made one thing clear to the guests – the apprentices at Welser Profile have the best conditions here: their own training profiling plant, state-of-the-art equipment, comfortable training and recreation rooms and, last but not least, motivated instructors and colleagues.

Especially for the opening, the apprentices had set up various information stations and willingly provided information about their professional training and their experiences at Welser Profile.

The entire management team, Thomas and Andreas Welser, Christian Hansl and Nicolas Longin invited President Mahrer, who visited the company for the first time, President Zwazl, the mayors and anyone interested on a tour of the Gresten plant.

Kicking off at 2 pm, the training center open day took place for the public, employees, neighboring residents, future apprentices and their families. More than 500 people took advantage of the opportunity to take part before instructors and apprentices closed the gates at 9 pm, exhausted but happy.

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