Distortion free bending of steel profiles across a wide variety of cross-sections
Stahlprofile trennen, verbinden, biegen, lochen und endenbearbeiten

High Quality Steel Section Bending

Distortion free bending of steel sections to tight radii and exacting tolerances. An excellent surface finish is included!

Welser Profile produces high quality curved steel profiles, including high strength steel and stainless steel sections. All the precision tooling for the various types of bending apparatus is manufactured in-house at Welser, and this process control, combined with our extensive steel section forming experience, guarantees our customers an extremely high quality curved steel section optimised to their individual requirements.

The Advantages of Using Welser Profile’s Steel Section Bending Capabilities:

  • Material quality and surface finish defined by the customer
  • Bending of high strength steel sections and stainless steel sections
  • Impeccable surface quality, even with large deformation
  • Very tight bending radii possible
  • Minimal cross-sectional deformation even at high levels of curvature.
  • High dimensional accuracy for easy integration into the customer‘s product
  • Bending of steel sections with a wide range of cross-sections:
    • Open or closed, welded profiles
    • Symmetric or A-symmetric profiles
    • Extremely thin or thick walled profiles
  • 3D Bending capabilities
  • FEA Simulation
  • 100% product inspection if required



Example Applications for Welser Profile’s Steel Section Bending Capabilities:

  • Safety Components for Vehicle Cabs (Columns, A and C-Posts, Doors, etc) 
  • "Body in White" Components (side impact beams, B-Post reinforcements, Bumpers, etc)
  • Roof Braces for Rolling Stock
  • Frame Profiles (e.g.in doors or walls) for railway carriage construction
  • Facade and Window frame profiles
  • Framing Profiles for a wide variety of machinery and fitness equipment.
  • Guide rails and tracks
  • Structural components for parabolic collectors


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