Reliable and Corrosion Resistance Steel Connections
Stahlprofile trennen, verbinden, biegen, lochen und endenbearbeiten

Permanent Join

Reliable And Corrosion-resistant

Whatever joining technique your product requires, you can be sure that Welser Profile will provide you with a high quality, economical solution.


Laser welding:

  • For subsequent treatment of galvanised surfaces
  • For non-continuous weld seams
  • For the manufacturing process to integrate single and multi-chamber profiles

High frequency welding:

  • Inductive
  • Internal and external weld seam planing
  • For inline post-galvanising

Gas metal arc welding:

  • Provides stable, long lasting welded joints
  • Robotic welding equipment for exact replication
  • To carry out welding trials for customers with special requirements

Spot welding:

  • No weld preparation or further processing necessary
  • Simple automation guaranteed

Other joining techniques:

  • Riveting
  • Clinching
  • Pressure joining
  • Bonding
  • And much more


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