Profile Splitting - Online Alteration of the Cross Section
Stahlprofile trennen, verbinden, biegen, lochen und endenbearbeiten

Split profiling, split bending and variable cross sections

Optimising Thickness – „The Next Level“

Flexibility is becoming increasingly paramount ie. in product design, adaptation to meet load requirements and joining possibilities. Split profiling, split bending and the production of profiles with variable cross sections open up a wider range of opportunities for ideas and solutions with our profiles.

Rahmenprofile für Betonschalungen
Rahmenprofile für Betonschalungen

Welser has expanded its range of techniques used to optimise strip thickness to include two new developments, split forming and split bending. These new techniques allow us to create bifurcation in the steel strip with the aid of a roll stand, thus, producing splits free from fissures. Split profiling is used to form bifurcation at the edges and by means of split bending bifurcations may be created in the centre of the strip.

With these new techniques we now have the capability of producing profiles with varying wall thickness and altering the width, depth and height of the cross section.

How do our new manufacturing techniques benefit our customers?

  • The formed material becomes stronger, more hard-wearing and smoother, reducing the need for reinforcing elements and further processing steps.
  • High torsional stiffness with the same tight tolerances.
  • Connecting possibilities e.g. attaching additional sections (by means of spot welding of freestanding plates or using existing indentations for adhesive bonding processes etc.), thus reducing the need for further processing.
  • Room for functional enhancements, e.g. introducing welded tubes, which serve as fixing points for other supporting profiles.


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