Environmentally Friendly Internal Logistics
Besondere Serviceleistungen bei der Verarbeitung userer Stahlprodukte

Efficient Logistics

Well-structured Logistics Strategy

From purchasing through to supplying, Welser Profile's logistics programme is geared towards efficiency. Our works are situated in close proximity to procurement markets and have excellent transport links including an onsite rail link. We also have a well-devised logistics programme in place within our production sites.

We provide excellent customer service:


  • A centre for the handling and shipment of finished products and systems situated in Horn, Switzerland. 
  • Pre-material is delivered and scrap material taken away by rail
  • Efficient system in place for the transportation of tooling to the production plants
  • Tooling for each individual customer's specific products is kept in storage so that it can be used for any future requirements 
  • Removable discs help to reduce set up times
  • High performance roll forming lines, in-house finishing processes
  • Temporary storage for different combinations of production steps
  • Customer storage facility
  • Collaboration with a select number of transport companies providing professional execution of overseas transport


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