High Quality Steels for a High Quality Steel Profile
Ob Stahlprofile, Aluprofile oder sonstige Metallprofile - Welser hat die Lösung

High Grade Materials

Only The Best Quality Provides The Best Metal Section Solutions

High quality steel is used to produce Welser’s high quality steel profiles, which are found in virtually every industry sector you can think of.

Welser can produce metal sections from a wide range of materials, for example:

  • Uncoated and coated grades of steel
  • High-strength steel with a tensile strength up to 1600 MPa
  • Hot-dip coated steel strip
  • Stainless steels
  • Non-ferrous metals including aluminium, copper, titanium and nickel, as well as their alloys
  • Plastic used in combination with metal to produce hybrid components



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