Weight and Load Optimised Steel Profiles for Today's Lightweight Systems
Ob Stahlprofile, Aluprofile oder sonstige Metallprofile - Welser hat die Lösung

Modern Lightweight Construction

Weight Optimised And Load-adapted

Welser's high strength steel profiles which have been optimised in their cross sections provide high rigidity and stability. In addition to focusing on the weight of the material used in lightweight constructions, Welser Profile has now also placed emphasis on the design of the lightweight construction by developing a technique known as optimisation of the strip thickness integrated into the production process.

  • Hybrid components serve on the one hand to enhance the functional elements of semi-finished products (e.g. to improve sliding and friction properties in thermal insulation) and on the other hand to provide significant weight advantages.
  • Optimisation of the strip thickness: reduction in thickness resulting in a reduction in weight per metre goes hand in hand with the diverse and complex range of processing technologies which are continually being introduced into the roll forming process. Punching and embossing operations as well as thermal and mechanical joining techniques. The roll forming process also doesn’t rule out pre-galvanised strip material. The technology is resource efficient and provides a significant reduction in CO2 emissions. These are increasingly important factors affecting new product development processes. Welser's technology is so versatile that even the most diverse market sectors, including the automotive, aviation and agricultural industries, can benefit from using it.



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