Research and Development Play a Pivotal Role in Welser Profile's Roll Forming Process
Frühzeitiges Erkennen von Optimierungsmaßnahmen bei der Profil -und Systementwicklung

Proactive R&D

Leaders In Innovation

Innovation is the key to our commercial success. Our commitment to developing new processes and technologies and integrating them into the roll forming production process, allows us to continuously enhance the customized range of profile solutions available to our customers. By doing this, we are also strengthening our position as a leading manufacturer of customer specific metal sections.

Our technologies, products and services are not solely geared towards entering into new markets. We also work intensively with existing markets to find new areas in which we can promote the roll forming process.


To summarise, Welser Profile's main aim is to provide customers with solutions to meet their individual needs and requirements. We rely on the feedback of our development partners to enable us to push to the boundaries of what is technically feasible and continually improve the service we provide.


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