Welser Profile participates in 'Fabrik 2017'
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Sensational performance in the “Factory 2017” competition

20. November 2017

For the 8th time, Austria's top companies fought for the title in the so-called “most difficult production competition in the country” and we came in second place at the first attempt.

This year, 16 top companies from all over Austria took part in the competition conducted by the Fraunhofer Institute and Industriemagazin. They all had to answer a detailed questionnaire on the topics of energy efficiency, digitisation and operational excellence, designed to separate the wheat from the chaff straight away. Only eight of the participants made it through the first round and were evaluated at their production sites by experts from the Fraunhofer Institute. The evaluation did not only involve tough questions from set categories having to be answered. It was also necessary to convince the experts that all procedures had been implemented in the factory. Obviously, our team was able to leave a more than positive impression, and we made it through to the final round. 

© Photos: Matthias Hesch

The four best-placed companies had to prove themselves again in mid-November. The final took place at Infineon in Villach, the winner in 2015. After a well-received company presentation by Werner Stöbich, Thomas Welser and Christian Hansl personally presented our highlights in the areas of digitisation and energy policy. At a joint conference, their presentation included our logistics control system and the energy measurement data system. They impressed the audience and the jury largely because of their cool and lively performance. They even parried the questions from the five jurors.

Afterwards, the results of the on-site assessment and the presentation were added up and we were ultimately rewarded with the sensational second place. That meant we were only beaten by Flex, the local hero from Carinthia. Second place was shared with Lenze. We relegated no less a firm than BMW Group Steyr to third place, so what we have long believed is now official: We are among the best and most forward-thinking manufacturers in the country!