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Neuigkeiten zu rollverformten Sonderprofilen und Sonderprofilrohren sowie Baugruppen aus Stahl, Edelstahl und Nichteisen-Metallen (Alu, Kupfer, Messing…)


Up-to-date Information About Our Company
  • More Space for our Customers

    19. June 2017

    We are constantly striving to offer our customers not only a profile, but also a complete service and solution package. As an integral part of our continual improvement, we are investing heavily in additional storage space, as well as the latest stock management models.

  • Welser Profile goes US

    23. February 2017

    Welser Profile yet takes another step towards internationalization of innovation and technology by expanding to North America.

  • The refurbished cold-rolling unit in new splendor.

    Tuning of the old cold-rolling unit converts a veteran machine into a “Porsche”

    30. September 2016

    Special profiles made by Welser may be up to 27 m long and weigh as much as 500 kg. We decided to optimize production, handling and customer service with respect to these extra-long, heavy profiles by refurbishing a veteran roll-forming machine.

  • Aiming high with Welser profiles

    06. June 2016

    A partnership goes far beyond a mere customer relationship. Our common goal is to satisfy our respective customers, hence, contributing to their success. This is particularly true for the productive cooperation with our long-term customer Peri, one of the leading manufacturers and providers of formwork and scaffolds.

  • The billionth frame from Welser

    19. May 2016

    1 billion profiles - a cooperation of considerable dimensions. The production of the one-billionth profile for drawer slides was reason enough for a very special celebration.

  • Extra-long stainless steel profiles for rail vehicle construction

    19. June 2015

    In the course of the project “All Aboard Florida” Welser delivered 25 metres long stainless steel profiles. The particular challenge of this project was not the roll forming process, but definitely transportation of the sections.