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Special steel profiles for electrical enclosures

Cost-effective design of complex profiles

Whether strut, sidewall or corner profiles, our profiles for electrical control cabinets meet the highest  demands in terms of surface finish and tolerances for hole punching and overall length.

Welser sections stand for

  • great freedom of design
  • ease of assembly and
  • highly cost-effective products

In case of electrical enclosures, they are usually made of steel or stainless steel. This makes them more resistant and harder than aluminium profiles. The Modulus of Elasticity is also higher which means that for the same load, you may be able to design a physically thinner and more modern looking part, which could also be lighter than the extruded aluminium part.


With generations of experience acquired across numerous industries, our experts work with our customers to create particularly complex cross-sections with the tightest of cumulative tolerances. We excel at combining these factors with an excellent surface finish, and we can also integrate various functions along the profile length if required. Even different materials can be combined by using our efficient laser and HF welding technologies.

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