Roll Forming Technology for Industrial Engineering
Rollverformte Edelstahlprofile mit hochdekorativen Oberflächen in der Haus- und Industrietechnik-Branche

Residential and Industrial Technology

Challenging, Customized Profile Designs Are Transformed Into Aesthetically Pleasing Solutions

Surface quality, resistance to corrosion and tight tolerances are all challenges faced by designers and maufacturers of steel profiles used in the residential and industrial technology sector. Like in the interior design sector, steel profiles used in this industry are designed to be aesthetically pleasing as well as functional.

Optisch ansprechende Führungsschienen aus Edelstahl für Aufzugstüren
Thermisch isolierte Klimakastenrahmenprofile
Die dicht geschweißten Edelstahlprofile von Welser erfüllen alle Vorgaben im Maschinenbau
Laufschienen für Aufzugstüren erfordern hohe Traglasten und erweiterte Funktionalitäten

Welser Profile optimises its steel profiles to bring design and function together as one. Welser's wealth of knowledge and experience in this industry is one of the prime factors for its success. Precision manufacturing is another. Intensive quality testing assures reliable metal section products and a reliable partner in Welser Profile.



  • Fulfilling key requirements whilst delivering additional benefits including metal sections incorporating channels in desk legs to accommodate cables
  • Our extensive experience in roll forming means that little or no finishing work is required on the radii
  • Tolerances to meet customers‘ specific profile requirements used in highly specialised joining techniques such as the indentation process for making notches, holes or grooves to accommodate additional components
  • Possibility of combining different materials (stainless steel, steel, painted and galvanised metal sections) and groups of materials by applying highly efficient laser and high frequency welding technology
  • Transforming your design ideas into reality
  • High load bearing capacity and additional enhancing functions are achievable using the patented jointing process using rivets – elegant and functional joining of metal track sections
  • Excellent corrosion resistance and enhanced visual appearance due to a controlled production process using galvanised pre-material



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