Profiles made by Welser for the supporting construction of the biggest power plant of Europe.
Feuerverzinkte Stahlprofile als Unterkonstruktion in der Umwelttechnik-Branche

Europe’s biggest power plant ...

... is based on galvanized steel profiles made by Welser

Europe’s biggest photovoltaic power plant in Southern France, close to Bordeaux, was built in record time of only six months. More than 650,000 meters of special profiles were used as purlins for the supporting construction.

Our strip galvanized profiles rest on the supporting construction which is fixed to the base with 200,000 screwed connections. The individual boards are aligned from East to West and they are inclined in an angle of 5°. This helped to notably reduce the surface area, yet reaching a rated power capacity of 300 MWp thanks to the sun which corresponds to an electricity consumption of up to 70,000 households. However, the dimensions of the plant are still enormous, as the solar field of Cestas spreads over about 260 hectares in an area which cannot be used for agricultural purposes.

When awarding contracts, the crucial factor in project business is not only based on the quality of the profiles, but it is closely related to a long-term cooperation with our customers. We involve our customers in a very early stage of project related developments. In this case we invested in basic tools years ago, to later on adjust them for use in other projects. Among other things, the two year’s planning period prior to Cestas was used to continuously optimize tools, profiles and packaging. An additional advantage was the proximity of the project site to our production center Bönen. There is no doubt that this success story will be continued soon!

The purlins of the supporting construction are made by Welser.
The purlins of the supporting construction are made by Welser.



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