Welser Profiles and Profile Systems are Optimised for the Environment
Feuerverzinkte Stahlprofile als Unterkonstruktion in der Umwelttechnik-Branche

Environmental Technology

Steel Profile Solutions Designed For The Future

The requirements on steel profiles for environmental technology are not limited to the measure of corrosion resistance and meeting tight tolerances. Selecting the most suitable materials and the conscious use of natural resources are equally important factors.

Trägerprofile für Rauchgasfilteranlagen
PV-Paneelträger für Aufdachsysteme von Welser erfüllen höchste Qualitätsanforderungen bezüglich Geradheit und Verdrehung
E-Filterplatten für Rauchgas- bzw. Luftfilteranlagen
Montageprofile für solarthermische Kraftwerke müssen korrosionsbeständig sein und hohe Lasten tragen können

This is precisely our way of thinking at Welser Profile. We consider the environmental impact of the complete manufacturing process. We use raw materials and roll forming production technology responsibly and ensure that our transport logistics system and the product life cycle are as environmentally sound as possible.


These are all strong arguments for choosing Welser Profile as a supplier. And apart from that, Welser Profile's extensive experience in this industry and its roll forming capabilities make it the perfect partner for wastewater, air treatment, the solar industry and more.



  • Our metal sections meet the highest quality requirements relating to the straightness and torsion of filter plates up to 16 m (52.5 feet) in length
  • Tight tolerances achieved in bending and straightness
  • Secure packaging in containers produced in-house
  • Optimisation of the roll forming process using tooling manufactured in-house
  • Economical production of associated discharge electrodes combined with intricate roll forming and punching techniques
  • Optimised production process including all holes, embossings and ready to use riveted plates



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