Pioneering Profile Development in the Automotive Industry
Profile aus Stahl, Edelstahl, Nichteisenmetallen (Alu, Kupfer, Messing…) mit Bestnoten im Crashtest für die Automobilindustrie


Pioneers in the development of metal section manufacturing technology

Metal sections produced for the automotive industry are required to be light in weight, whilst maintaining high strength and durability.

Stabile Crashträger aus Stahl und Bodenbleche für die Automobilindustrie
Hochfeste und belastungsangepasste Stahlprofile als A-Säulen in der Fahrzeugindustrie
Gewichtsoptimierte Schwellerprofile aus Stahl in der Automobilindustrie
Achsprofile für die Fahrzeugindustrie

Choosing Welser to supply these metal sections is a good place to start. We apply our expertise and innovative technology to design customized profile solutions in close collaboration with our customers’ requirements and needs from the initial design stages through to the production plan. Welser Profiles forward-thinking approach guarantees that you are supplied not only with the most optimal profile solution, but also an economical one.



  • Excellent performance under the impact of a crash test
  • Economical, due to the versatility of the continuous manufacturing process, i.e. incorporating hole-punching, embossing and bending directly into the metal sections
  • Prototype metal sections can be manufactured quickly and accurately
  • Weight saving due to the application of thinner and more versatile high strength steel sections
  • The excellent strength, rigidity and dimensional accuracy of our customized steel profiles
  • Tight tolerances ensure a tight fit in line with safety requirements
  • Low cost tooling using roll forming technology compared to brake pressing (particularly when associated with a range of derivatives in different lengths)
  • Near net shape roll forming resulting in a cost saving
  • High residual elongation of perfectly formed radii using a gentle roll forming process


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