Steel and Stainless Steel Profiles for Agricultural Engineering
Rollverformte Sonderprofile aus Stahl, Edelstahl, Nichteisenmetallen (Alu, Kupfer, Messing…) für die Agrartechnik-Branche

Agricultural Technology

Metal Sections Provide Reliable Solutions For Agricultural Applications

The agricultural industry requires robust metal sections with a guaranteed long service life and versatility in function to cope with the requirements of the industry.

Konstruktionsprofile aus Stahl für Nutzfahrzeuge
Achsprofile für Erntemaschinen und sonstige Nutzfahrzeuge
Bodenprofile aus Edelstahl für Melkmaschinen
Feuerverzinkte Weinbergpfähle

Welser Profile is the ideal partner to develop metal sections to cope with such requirements. Where there are high dynamic loads, often a weight saving is required. Weight can be reduced whilst maintaining a high level of stability among the components. Whatever your requirements, we have the expertise and production capabilities to make them a reality. We welcome the opportunity to share our extensive experience in system development.



  • Our roll formed steel sections offer a high level of quality in terms of strength, rigidity and dimensional stability, as well as repeatability, particularly with regard to hole positioning, even on longer steel profile lengths
  • Our steel sections are made to the tightest tolerances possible – in line with customer requirements used in highly specialised joining techniques
  • Fulfilling key requirements whilst delivering additional benefits including an indentation process for making notches, holes or grooves to accommodate non-visible cooling elements and sprinklers
  • Short turnaround time and customized profile design using tooling systems manufactured in-house
  • Development in close collaboration with the customer (low risk, insight into new ideas, synergy effects, cost reduction)
  • Higher degree of complexity possible with roll forming compared to conventional metal working processes such as brake pressing
  • Weight savings due to the application of high strength pre-materials
  • Highly economical due to the continuous roll forming production process and the integration of additional manufacturing steps such as punching, embossing, bending etc.
  • Possibility of one-piece steel profile solutions in place of welded components - avoiding welding distortion amongst other factors



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