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Video About Welser

An Audio Visual Presentation About Our Company

Welser Profile is a family-run organisation with history: Welser has been shaping steel since 1664. The enterprise emerged from an Austrian regional company to grow to an international group with more than 2500 employees at the production sites in Ybbsitz (AT), Gresten (AT) Bönen (FRG) and Valley City (USA) and sales offices all over the world.

Technology Video – Roll Forming

An Insight Into The World Of Roll Forming

Gain an insight into the possibilities and advantages of working alongside Welser Profile, a leading manufacturer of special sections, tubes, components and profile systems made in steel, stainless steel and non-ferrous metals.

Technology Video - Optimised Roll Forming

Versatile Product Range Designed For The Future

Our latest developments in roll forming have redefined the limits of what is technically feasible. Working in close collaboration with our customers, we design and produce customized solutions to meet their specific requirements relating to form and function.

Technology Video – Engineered Assembling

Experienced In System Development

We use a combination of proven and modern manufacturing techniques to produce complex components to meet the requirements of your specific application. Whether your requirements are bending, welding or thinning – look no further, we are the reliable partner for you.

Technology Video - Punching And Cutting

Processing Capabilities

Our team of experts are committed to finding new ways of enhancing our manufacturing range. We offer a wide selection of punching and cutting techniques to meet the requirements of your specific application.