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Hersteller von kaltgewalzten Sonderprofilen und Sonderprofilrohren sowie Baugruppen aus Stahl, Edelstahl und Nichteisen-Metallen

Welser Profile Austria GmbH, Ybbsitz (AT)

The Technology Centre Of The Group
Address: A-3341 Ybbsitz, Prochenberg 24
Phone: (+43 7443) 800-0
Fax: (+43 7443) 800-4111
Mail: atAT@welser.com

GPS Coordinates: Latitude 47.95, Longitude 14.94

Substantial investment and extensive restructuring transformed what started off as a forge into the technology centre of excellence for the design and manufacture of tools and jigs that it is today.
The Ybbsitz site is also the location of the training centre for Austrian apprentices.

  • Company Premises: 13,030 m² (3 acre)
  • Built-up Area: 7,975 m² (2 acre)