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Hersteller von kaltgewalzten Sonderprofilen und Sonderprofilrohren sowie Baugruppen aus Stahl, Edelstahl und Nichteisen-Metallen

RP Technik GmbH Profilsysteme, Bönen (DE)

Competent Partner For Planners And Processors Alike
Address: D-59199 Bönen, Edisonstraße 4
Phone: (+49 2383) 91 49-0
Fax: (+49 2383) 91 49-222
Mail: infoAT@rp-technik.com

GPS Coordinates: Latitude 51.61, Longitude 7.77

RP-Technik designs, manufactures and processes systems for the external glass structures of buildings, doors and wall partitions and fire-safety equipment. RP Technik GmbH strengthened its position in the market following the acquisition of the production facility in Wickede in 1999 and subsequent relocation to the production site in Bönen midway through 2002. RP Technik offers a range of high-quality profile systems made from a combination of steel, stainless steel and aluminium to meet with the requirements of modern architecture. The design possibilities relating to metal-glass structures are practically endless.
The fact that it belongs to the Welser Profile Group provides expertise throughout various disciplines and makes RP Technik a powerful, innovative partner for planners and processors.

  • Company Premises: 27,828 m² (7 acre)
  • Built-up Area: 9,500 m² (2 acre)