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Hersteller von kaltgewalzten Sonderprofilen und Sonderprofilrohren sowie Baugruppen aus Stahl, Edelstahl und Nichteisen-Metallen

Integrated CSR

Corporate Social Responsibility In The Welser Profile Group

Welser Profile defines its Corporate Social Responsibility as to be fully accountable for its business operations. We are committed to looking after the environment, employees and relevant stakeholder groups.

We realise that social interaction and self-realisation is just as important to our employees as their material well-being and security. Welser Profiles Sport and Culture Society (‚SKG‘) is divided into twenty different sections, offering our employees a vast selection of options to choose from depending on their specific interests.

We are committed to our employees and their families:

  • Family days
  • Skiing and snowboarding championships
  • Welser-Card, a company card offering discounts on products and services in the local area
  • Christmas gifts

In addition to promoting art, culture and sports in the local area, we are also committed to supporting social projects:

  • Support for cultural and sporting events, clubs and non-profit organisations
  • Charitable donations e.g. disaster-affected Areas
  • Current aid campaigns can be found in News