Company - Welser Profile
Hersteller von kaltgewalzten Sonderprofilen und Sonderprofilrohren sowie Baugruppen aus Stahl, Edelstahl und Nichteisen-Metallen

The Welser Profile Group

Making The Impossible Possible Since 1960!

To date, we have produced a vast range of more than 22,500 cross sections using the roll forming process. We develop these complex cross sections in close collaboration with our customers' needs and requirements using steel, stainless steel and non-ferrous metals for virtually every application you can think of!


We are specialists and reliable partners in:

  • Customized sections and tubes
  • System sections and section systems
  • Steel and non-ferrous metals
  • Punched and unpunched
  • Straight and bent
  • Tight tolerances and additional functions


Gewichtsoptimierte Sonderprofile aus Stahl
Bodenprofile aus Edelstahl für Melkmaschinen
Feuerverzinkte Weinbergpfähle