• Automotive industry

    Safe with optimum strength-to-weight ratio

    Widerstandsfähige Stahl-Profile mit geringem Gewicht bei hoher Festigkeit in der Automobilindustrie

    Automotive industry

    A new chapter of developments in profile technology

  • Agricultural technology

    Functional and durable

    Die Agrarbranche verlangt nach Profilen von besonderer Widerstandsfähigkeit, langer Lebensdauer und hoher Funktionalität


    Reliable profiles for agricultural technology

  • Construction industry

    Strong modular system with aesthetic design

    Komplexeste Profilquerschnitte auch aus Chrom-Nickelstählen (CrNi) in der Bau-Branche

    Construction industry

    Tried and tested to meet the highest standards

  • Industrial engineering +

    Easy to assemble and corrosion resistant

    Oberflächenqualität, Korrosionsbeständigkeit und engste Toleranzen bei Spezialprofilen in der Haus- und Industrietechnik-Branche

    Industrial engineering +

    Appealing solutions combined with upmarket design

  • Transport

    Strong and optimized functionality

    Profile aus hochfesten Stählen für ausgeklügelte Profilsysteme in der Transport-Branche


    Sound load bearing profiles

  • Environmental technology

    Optimized to functions while saving resources

    Korrosionsbeständigkeit und engste Toleranzen bei Profilsystemen in der Umwelttechnik-Branche

    Environmental technology

    Future-oriented solutions to give life a profile

Welser Celebrates its Birthday at Euroblech

At the Euroblech in Hannover we celebrated our 350th birthday with our visitors. Our highly engineered, beautifully curved metal sections created a great deal of interest and led to many detailed technical conversations as well as future business contacts.

350 Years of Welser

Whether a customer, an employee, a Welser family member or simply a visitor to the Open Day, the celebrations surrounding the 350th Anniversary of the Welser family business exceeded everyone’s expectations.

60 Jahre RP Technik Standardprofile

RP Technik celebrates 60 years of it’s Steel Line

The first steel profiles from RP-Technik’s standard range were manufactured in 1954 and they have since become established as classics in their field.